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Georgetown Residence Renovation


This project is the renovation of a Georgetown rowhome that included a new custom kitchen, a new master suite, custom built-in shelving to house a historic box collection, and the addition of a new attic dormer that created a valuable third bedroom in this modestly sized home.


As part of the overall renovation of the home, we sought to maximize function within the existing small kitchen footprint. Ultimately we reduced the overall size of the room, to allow for additional storage. The existing windows provide generous southern exposure, bathing the kitchen in natural light. With a new range relocated between the windows, and the sink relocated on the adjacent counter, the space and light became balanced, and the room feels more spacious as a result. Custom cabinetry maximized storage and built-in appliances, as well as a new large appliance garage to keep the toaster, coffee maker and sundries out of sight.    

Located in the old Georgetown Historic District, this project was reviewed by the Commission of Fine Arts’ Old Georgetown Board.

Photography:  Stacy Zarin Goldberg

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