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Quite the headline, no?

Remember that proverb about the cobbler who had a brood of shoeless children? Well, this Architect is hoping that he can manage to design a renovation for him, his husband, their dog and cat all the while doing justice to the existing house.

Last month, we settled on the purchase of a three-bedroom, one-bath, 1926 Bungalow in the 16th Street Heights neighborhood in northwest Washington, DC.

Front Elevation

Largely untouched––beyond a 1970's kitchen, wheelchair ramp (who wouldn't want one taking up their entire front yard) and raised porch floor (watch that last step!)––the house was showing its age through sloping floors, leaky radiators and two-prong electrical outlets. A full gut renovation is a must. There are floors to level, insulation to install, new windows to order and old roofing and siding to replace! Not to mention leveling that rear roof... perhaps it just comes off?

Yard Elevation

Welp. Time to hit the drawing board. Stay tuned for a few design ideas...

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