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Pullman Addition


Much like a thin Pullman train car, this lovely stuccoed, Norman-style home contained several bedrooms off of a thin side hallway and therefore was a narrow home. In need of a family room and master bath addition and a new basement stair, this project looked to capitalize on a gorgeous sloping lot and reconnect the main levels of the home. Drawing from Tudor and Norman architectural styles, a new three-story stair hall with clerestory windows was conceived to link the home vertically together and to the rear yard. In addition to the stair tower, a new three-story wing was constructed to allow for an expanded basement gym, a new family room space and master bath and closets off of an existing master suite. Stone, stucco and slate helped to render this Norman project.


Photos: Stacy Zarin Goldberg Photography


Project completed while Project Architect at Hamilton Snowber Architects.

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