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Screened porch with high ceilings and large windows and doors with a view of trees surrounding the property


Exterior view of screened porch addition


Wanting to expand the interior of their home to include an exterior space, this family sought to add a new screened porch to the rear of their traditionally-styled home. Under an exposed rafter cathedral ceiling is a small seating group for reading, conversation, or relaxing. A dining table is nestled in a screened bay just a few steps from the seating area.

During the transitional months of March and October, storm windows can be installed over the screens to allow the ample southern sun to gently warm the space. During the warmer months, a ceiling fan helps to circulate air when natural breezes are slight.

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Exterior sketch of screened porch addition designed by MPR Architecture


Windows and lighting closeup from screen porch addition

We have worked with Mike Rouse at MPR Architecture on two projects (a major addition to our home and a new screened porch + family-room renovation) and cannot recommend him highly enough. We are thrilled with the results of these projects, which reflect Mike's creativity, attention to detail, and classic design aesthetic. In both cases, he found clever solutions we never would have thought of to address some tricky constraints, and he made the improvements fit naturally with the existing design and structure of our home.

Mike is a pleasure to work with and very responsive. He produced detailed drawings and elevations, handled the engineering issues (along with a colleague), and addressed the various permit requirements. He also came out periodically to check that the builders were on track.

Hiring MPR Architecture is definitely one of the best investments we have made in our home.

- J.S.

Rockville, MD

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